Annual Fundraiser Gala Banquet and Entertainment Registration

Save the date for NOVEMBER 18, 2017 for our our annual black-tie gala banquet and entertainment fundraiser event for the Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (FPID), which Dr. Sudhir and Dr. Abha Gupta founded in 2011.

The members of Scientific Advisory Board include Peter Doherty Noble Laureate 1998), Bruce Beutler (Noble Laureate 2011), Max Copper, Rebecca Buckley, Jean-Laurent Casanova (all members of the National Academy of Sciences) and Alain Fisher (Pioneer in Gene Therapy for primary immunodeficiency). Late Ralph Steinman (Noble Laureate 2011), and Late William Paul (Member of the National Academy of Sciences) were also members of the Scientific Advisory Board.  FPID supports 6 diagnostic centers in India, one center in the US, Patient Education Day, and other educational programs.

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